Jim Krueger, our guy at the lake, spent the whole day with me picking out stuff. He drove me around and helped me make decisions.

I am still keeping with my original color scheme and plan. But some of the products have changed.
I wanted to try Marmoleum and PaperStone……but it’s not gonna happen.
We are going with local trades people and companies, and nobody has those products.
Shipping them in, learning how to install these new products, caring for them, etc, is just too much.

Okay, mom. Here are the fotos!


The black and white squares are 16 inch rigid squares of something. The colors are greyish creamish and the other is almost metallic! It looks like chalkboard or slate. The black one changes color depending on how you look at it.

The brownish carpet will be in the rest of the house. It is soft.

The tiny black chip in front of the cupboard is probably the formica counter. Still thinking about that.

Ahhhhhh, that cabinet. That door front is my DREAM cabinet for my dream house.
we are getting.


THIS color is the color we are getting. The door will be the Dream Door in the beadboard. It will just not be painted or glazed as much.

Matt did some wiring.


Now I gotta go drink some Russian Vodka and think up winning lottery numbers!!!