And so, on my secret list of activities to do before I make another list, I attended a state bowling event!


Our cousin from Lincoln, a Freshman at Pius X High School, was the first ever "athlete" on EITHER side of our families, to not only earn a letter in athletics, but to advance to state! A remarkable feat, based on the gene pool this poor girl emerged from!


(that’s her….on the green….I couldn’t use my flash.)

Let me say, that state bowling events are WROUGHT with emotion, sweating, and even a bit of yahooing! But I did notice that everyone in the crowd clapped and ohhhhh-ed for all the kids, who must have been nervous and excited. They bowled 3 games. Tori’s first game was her best ever. The next game, she had to play in a lane against the wall, and she didn’t do as well. She pulled herself together for the last game and came out with a pretty fine score!

We all celebrated by eating pancakes at midnight. Great Fun!


And, yes, Dan and I are wearing matching shirts! Gutter Geeks!