Laundry….fun? Well, it’s not bad. The Boy brings his dirty stuff to my beautiful laundry room, I sort it wash it dry it fold it and he takes it back up. I don’t mind.


And, yes, that’s Dan’s picture back there. It’s from one of the HunTel boardrooms. I DID have it in the garage, but he was crushed. Now, it is in a place of honor.

We live and breathe through our TIVO, and sometimes I set it up to record some chick flick movies. I watched Angels Fall from the Hallmark Channel or Lifetime this afternoon. It was a new one with Heather Locklear. I can’t figure out if she’s had "work done" or not. Something about her is different than before. Looks like many of the people discussing that movie on the board agree with me. Too Bad. She was a Beaut!

I saw The Queen tonight at the Blair3Theatre!


Highly recommend it. I really liked it. I wonder if it is a realistic portrayal of the innards of the monarchy?
We’ve also seen Little Miss Sunshine and at times I had a hard time getting over the F-Bomb. I liked that movie, too.


I plan to see the others nominated for the Oscar. There is a theater chain running the movies back to back all in one day…February 24….for 30 bucks and unlimited popcorn. We will be in Arizona then, and we could catch it in Phoenix if we wanted. I think it is a GREAT idea to run the shows like that! I think, back in the day, theaters used to run the Planet of the Apes movies all day.