Long day of driving in the old mom-van again today. We’re about a thousand miles over THIS, which happened last week!

Drove up to Tekamah to drop off Dan’s car and then drove to Lincoln to pick up the plane. Then, I got to go to the Aardvark Antique Mall!

We took Highway 77 from Tekamah to Lincoln, which I have never done. Part of it is 4 lane, part is 2 lane through a few towns. But it was a beautiful drive and I wish I would have had my camera. The fields had just enough snow on them so that you could see the crop residue and snow stripes. I love looking at that.

I found some great items at the Aardvark. I again took my time, e n j o y i n g each little booth as I walked the endless aisles. As much as I LOVE shabby chic, I hardly ever buy anything that is shabby or chic. I peruse antique stores for
Shawnee Corn Dishes

David Cassidy Memorabilia


PLAIN and unique Pyrex


State of Iowa Drinking Glasses


Iowa memorabilia
Cute Kitchen Things
This stack of records was only $18. I haven’t gone through it yet!


and I’m starting to collect some NEW items….like paint by number masterpieces!

(This one is for Grandma Florida’s room at the House at the Lake!)

Viewmaster discs!

Oh, and I got THIS for Megan.

It goes with THIS that I got for her last Christmas


This is a set of measuring cups. They are the CUTest!!!

Friday night fun will consist of cooking steaks, drinking red wine, and doing laundry!


Saturday, we are headed to our Goddaughter’s 1st birthday. Awwwwwwwwww.