Through no fault of anyone in particular, our TV has broke.

It broke because I asked someone to do something special for me so I could watch Ugly Betty via the iternet. It’s sorta my fault.
And it broke last week. And then my boys went on a ski trip. And they left me…..usually a FUN event, but this time, I was almost TV-less.
Oh, we have a tv in our office and a tv in our room and a tv in the basement. But THIS tv is our GOOD tv. So, I had to listen to my David Cassidy CD’s all weekend. (…..heaven………..!)

So, after a little research on, and a trip to the MegaMart, we have a new "good" tv!


See all those cables back there? That’s why THIS one is the GOOD tv! High Def and Cable and TIVO and Surround Sound and DVD and Internet and WhoKnowsWhatElse!
All I know is my mom cannot operate the GOOD TV. She has to watch in the basement, because it has only ONE clicker!!!

I have my OWN installers!

Good thing, too. They got it done JUST in Time for HEROES!!!