Be Constructive ~ Be Creative ~  Be Positive  ~  Be Productive

Ali Edwards blog led me to Michelle Ward’s blog and that is where I read this:

Be Constructive ~ Be Creative ~  Be Positive  ~  Be Productive

And those words really stood out for me.They were written in the context that Michelle advocates for her autistic teenager all day every day for the rest of their lives.

The context that stood out for ME at this time and place, is in regards to my "month-o-fun". I’m finding, after only a few days into the month, that
it was that I wasn’t APPRECIATING the fun I was having.
I wasn’t living in the moment. I always live AHEAD of the moment, worrying about something coming up, thinking of what was next, planning the next thing, the next problem, the next idea, the next.

constructive, creative, positive, productive.

I’m not giving up the month-o-fun!
Tonight is the GRAMMY’S!!! I gotta sit on the couch in my jammies and eat popcorn and oogle the great outfits of the grammy getters…even though I hardly ever listen to "todays" music anymore because I only like "oldies"…….