I was scanning the USAToday headlines a few minutes ago and was shocked to read that Dan Fogelberg had died.



I have great memories not only of his music, but the concert he did in Ames, Iowa, on Halloween, 1981.
My friends camped out for days at the Iowa State University box office to get us good tickets. If I remember right, we were only a couple of rows from the stage. They opened with Halloween costumes on, and the evening was so fun.

The he took off the mask, sat down at the piano to play and he stopped and said "I must look like hell". Everyone in the place cheered and roared. He looked great.

Dan Fogelberg’s music was part of the soundtrack of my college years.

I loved so many of his songs…
Leader of the Band
Run for the Roses
Same Auld Lang Syne
Dancing Shoes