Thanks so much for agreeing to participate in the 2014 Cover to Cover Project: Holiday Cookies! We’re thrilled to have you join us in this little baking adventure.
Your Assigned Cookie Recipe Is:
Lavender Shortbread with Fruits, Flowers and Herbs

I was so excited to receive this message a few days ago! I’m participating in the Cover to Cover project of the December Bon Appetit magazine with blogger friends Zach & Clay from The Bitten Word



I had to buy several special items JUST for the shortbread recipe, including culinary lavender, rice flour, and edible dried flowers. I went to FOUR Omaha stores before I gave up and ordered the Lavender online (thanks Amazon!). I had to go to 2 stores to find Rice Flour and nobody around had sugared douglas fir tips or edible dried flowers.






Frosting was just Powdered Sugar and Egg White.



EmptyBowlI’ve never rolled out Shortbread Dough before. It was cold and stiff but rolled pretty well. I wondered if I had added too much flour….RollingPin


I’ve also never made a wreath shaped cookie and when I made this, I was like DUH! I loved this shape! It is actually kind of small but looks big, thanks to the opening in the middle.CookiesInOven

The cookies took exactly 12 minutes in my 14 year old Dacor Convection Oven.


You can see bits of the Lavender in the baked cookie.




Since I could NOT easily find the items for the toppings, I had to improvise. I did NOT have technicolor sugars, but some lovely calm pastel toppings and real chocolate sprinkes and dried cranberries added a festive touch.



Conclusion: I didn’t think I would like them…but I did! The lavender adds a faint taste to the rich but not sweet shortbread. I loved the addition of my sweet sugar toppings to make it a more festive cookie. The edible dried flower cookie on the cover and the centerfold of the Bon Appetit Magazine were so beautiful. But how did they taste? I don’t know. They would have been dry and not sweet. I enjoyed trying a new recipe, even though mine were not as BEAUTIFUL as the picture, they tasted just as good. 🙂