Dan’s got a few words for the unexplained.
I’m a creative kind of girl and he’s….well, he’s a nerd.
But in a GOOD way!
He can make computers work and do stuff. I don’t have to know HOW to do it. I just ask him!
"Wow, that’s cool", I say, when I see something cool. "How’d dey do dat?"

"FM", says he.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, FM", I knowingly reply. (while shaking my head. What’s FM??????)
He laughs.
I like to make him laugh. He’s not really a laffer.

His other expression is "Cosmic WooWoo".
That’s just a word to explain the unexplained.
I might call it God. Or Prayer. Or Life.

I have been having some Cosmic WooWoo in my life lately.
It’s hard to explain some of it.

My mom visited a Tarot Reader for fun last fall and the cards turned up that something was going to happen to "M". Some things in the spring. My mom thought the "M" was my Dad.
But now, we think it is ME!!!

I was sitting on the sun porch of our cousin last summer at Okoboji. I looked at the house next door and commented that I really liked that house. I REALLY liked that house! It was dark green and pine walls inside and very cute, arty, and cabin looking. It has trees and sits on the lake. It is a beautiful house and a beautiful location.
"I’d love to buy that house someday, if it ever goes for sale", I commented to nobody in particular.
(after all, what were the odds that it would actually GO for sale? NOBODY sells cabins like that.)

Shoulda bought a lottery ticket.
It’s for sale.

And I really want it.

Talked to my mom today and she had a dream that she spent the summer there, with us and my dad popped in here and there. (remember, he’s retired now!!!)
She told my Dad and he agreed that it would be a great summer. But he asked her what she would do when she could no longer get down the steps to the dock. (She has early Parkinson’s disease.)
"Well, I can THIS summer!!!", she said!!

What a great attitude.
Why wait?
Some things are for NOW. Some things are for later.
But how do we know which is which?