My sweet niece, Katie, made this special cookie for me this afternoon….Img_4145_edited



It says Red Mittens. And they brought me an ornament that has Red Mittens on it! Nice.

And here’s what you do when you don’t get the vacuuming and window washing and cooking done…
You ASK your GUESTS to do it!!!




And we had a great dinner and opened a few presents and Grandma and Grandpa Florida arrived safe and sound and the holidays have begun.

I had alot of fun this afternoon, having everyone help me. My schedule was a day off. We had TWO workmen here most of the day, so things were also off-balance. And my family came. And I wasn’t ready…..and nobody cared.

I don’t know what I thought would happen! They just helped me.
And my mother-in-law offered to help, but I was too busy to respond to her.
And none of it really matters.

Friday is going-out-to-lunch-shopping-and-wedding-rehearsal-day.