I had WONDERFUL grandparents. They were a part of my life and I had a relationship with each one of them. On my mother’s side, the family owned several Hotels, including THIS one.


I just found it on Ebay and put a bid on it. I have also purchased a postcard of this place, Motel 71-30. This is where I lived for several years in my David Cassidy Days. I had a pink striped wallpaper pink carpeted flower bedspread twin bed room there, with lots of windows. I loved looking out those windows the last thing every night and the first thing every morning. When it was snowing out, I could see the snow lit by a street light, and that usually meant no school the next day.

This place had a HUGE and I mean HUGE backyard…front yard, too! My Dad used to try and teach me how to do cartwheels in that backyard.

We also had a willow tree. And a basketball hoop. And it was RIGHT NEXT to TWO major highways, and you could hear cars whizz by all night. I was lulled to sleep by that sound. I liked it. When I stayed overnight at friend’s houses, it was too quiet. And if I had a friend sleep over, my parents would sometimes let us sleep in one of the hotel rooms.

The place looks much different now.
But this little matchbook brings back memories!