I make Cinnamon Rolls at LEAST once a week. My son loves them. Loves. Them.
My recipe uses the Bread Machine to do all the work.
Dough from Bread machine

Cinnamon Rolls

1 1/3 C. Milk
2 1/2 T. Butter
2 Eggs
3 T. Sugar
1 t. Salt
3 1/2 to 4 Cups Flour (I use a combo of Bread/All Purpose/White Wheat
2 1/2 t. Yeast

Place ingredients in bread machine in the order recommended by the instruction manual and use the DOUGH cycle.
Frankly, I do stand there and watch it mix, adjusting the flour. I add 3 cups at once, then add the last cup a bit at a time.


I use King Arthur Flour Cinnamon Roll Filling.
You could also spread 1 T. Milk or Cram on the rolled out dough and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar mixture. My favorite is Penzy’s Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar mixture.
Roll the dough Jelly-Roll style and cut into slices.
Put into a greased pan and let rise until doubled…..maybe about 40 minutes.
Bake at 375* for about 20 minutes.


I use about 1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar and some milk or cream and mix until smooth.
Glaze when warm.