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Chex Mix isn’t just for Christmas Anymore!

We made some Chex Mix at TheHouseAtTheLake. It is the prefect Summer Snack. Even though the house SMELLS like Christmas, it is an easy snack to make and store, and even nutritious 🙂

Chex Mix in the Summer

You’ll have to go to the store and gather up ingredients. The Cereal (you can also use Crispix), Nuts, Pretzels, and maybe small crackers.
My mom always uses mixed nuts but I like only peanuts and cashews. You’ll also need butter or even coconut oil and the spice mix packet (that I use) or the real spices….Worcestershire Sauce, Garlic Powder and Seasoning Salt. We also use the BIGGEST disposable Foil Pan we can find.

Read the directions on the box. Add what you like. Mix it up. Serve it to your family. Eat it yourself in Bed. Give it Away. But Make It!

Chex Mix

Improving the Avocado Experience

I should have known OXO would know better than I. I have trusted OXO for 20 years to make tools that are not only Universal, but Safe, Easy-To-Use and Convenient. There are so many tools I don’t yet have, but the OXO GoodGrips Avocado 3 in 1 Slicer was NOT one of the tools I thought I needed. When I tried one for the FIRST time, I knew it would have a place in the front of my Utensil Drawer.

Normally, I use a large knife to slice open an Avocado and then Jab that Large Knife into the Pit, twist, and then pull the pit off the knife with my hands or bang it on the garbage can. Safe. Especially for Me, The Kitchen Klutz.


Now, I can use the Oxo tool to Open, Pit and Remove the Avocado.



The main reason I would use this tool is to make Mashed Avocado on Toast. 😉


I received a free OXO Good Grips Avocado Slicer at a Blogger event, Eat Write Retreat. I will buy another one for TheHouseAtTheLake….YES. I liked it THAT much.

Summer is finally here!

A wedding, two graduations, an Eagle Ceremony and Dinner, a few disasters, and a Boy Scout Luncheon later,
for summer. The Lake Kitchen Living Room Basement Family Room

And TheHouseAtTheLake is almost ready for US!!! The moving fairies are bringing all the stuff back on Wednesday and my parents will be there ready to direct traffic.

I plan to arrive after all the work is done.

We do have other things going on…

…besides the wedding!
More photos of that later.

My parents went to TheHouseAtTheLake to stay for the summer and discovered that it is not yet finished!

But they took some photos of the busy beaver workguys up there putting in flooring, painting walls and nailing up the black trim!

GrandCatherine’s room with the new sliding door leading to a pretend deck.