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Chicken Stock in a Vingage Pot

Let’s Face it, you need a BigArse Pot for making Chicken Stock!

Last night, I found some Bare Chicken on sale at Hy-Vee for $4. FOUR DOLLARS A CHICKEN!!! That is unheard of. The tricky part was those wonderful Organic, sort of Local Chickens “expired” tomorrow, so I had to either freeze them or cook them. I figured as long as I was cooking one of them, I’d cook both.

Veggies for Chicken StockChickens Before RoastingOXO ThermometerI’ve learned (the hard way) to always use a thermometer and/or a timer when cooking. I love my OXO digital thermometer. Vintage Pot with Copper LidI am using this extra large pot I got from Dan’s Grandmother’s kitchen after she passed away a few months ago. It is quite large and has a copper top. I didn’t have a pot large enough for 2 chickens until now!

What's In the potBubbling Chicken Stock

The Bucket O Basil

I like to shop online…and that includes shopping for produce! Danelle at OneFarm, understands that, and she puts her produce online once a week. I shop, place the order, and pick it up a few days later!
This time, I ordered a Bucketful of Basil! She let me take the bucket home (so I need to return it full of something….hmmmmmm) and it was then that it dawned on me that I actually had to DO something with all the Basil!

Bucket of Basil
Bucket of Fresh from One Farm Basil

I asked some friends on Facebook and they came up with 368 different things I could do with it! I settled on these:

Basil Salt

Basil Salt
Dump out the Basil Salt on a cookie sheet and bake until it is dry.

Basil Pesto

Basil Pesto in Cubes
I spooned the Basil Pesto—-minus the Parmesan Cheese—-into some Ice Cube trays and then bagged them up for later use.

Basil Cubes

Frozen Cubes of Chopped Basil
Frozen Cubes of Chopped Basil

Basil Butter

Basil Butter in Food Processor
It only takes a second to mix the butter and basil into a loves Basil Butter!
  • Basil Leaves
    I take the fresh Basil leaves off the stems and give them a “rough chop” as Ina would say.
    Basil Bunch
    Mmmmmmmm. Take a big whiff! Can’t you just SMELL the Basil goodness?!
    Pine Nuts
    Pine Nuts from Omaha’s Herman’s Nut House
    Basil Flowers
    I love the sweet flowers I found in my batch of Basil from One Farm
    Pouring Salt into Food Processor
    Pouring Salt into the Food Processor

    Basil Salt in a Weck Jar
    I stored my Basil Salt in a tall glass Weck Jar. I’ll decant it into smaller containers to use at the table and for cooking.

Roasted Cabbage

I ordered a “dinner bag” from One Farm and this is what was in it. I decided to try Roasted Cabbage with that head of fresh cabbage. It was actually pretty easy to make and turned out really delicious. Here’s where I found the recipe

Head of Cabbage
See that fresh from the garden head of cabbage?
Cabbage Slice
I sliced into the fresh cabbage and cut 2 pieces
Bacon Grease
Bacon Grease
Butter and Bacon Grease
Butter and Bacon Grease were melted
Pour the Butter and Bacon Grease mixture on the slice of fresh cabbage
Cabbage Salt & Pepper
Liberally sprinkle with Kosher Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper
Roasted Cabbage
Roasted Cabbage smelled delicious and tasted pretty darn good!
Roasted Cabbage on a Fork
Bite of Roasted Cabbage

Potato Vegetable Soup

I love a good soup. Any time of the year. Soup is an especially good treat in the summer! I made up this soup tonight with some of the vegetables from One Farm, but I was inspired by the Potatoes Danelle dug today. She planted and harvested 2 kinds….a red and a purple.

Potato VegetablesI used everything but the radishes in my Chunky Thick Rib-Sticking Potato Soup.

Vegetables in a Calphalon PanThere are no real measurements for this soup…..I wrote down a recipe but you have to make changes as you go. This recipe is not written in stone. You may like a different vegetable or cheese or spice. You can do that with soup. Soup forgives.

Local Cheese in a Potato SoupPotato Cheese Soup in a Weck JarSoup Recipe

Cookies to Camp

I have made a million and one Monster Cookies these past few days. I shipped 2 boxes of my boys favorite cookies today. I hope they share them with others in their work areas and camp. My recipe, from the Blair Jaycees, does not use flour. I’m not sure if they are gluten free, but the are sure good!

Monster Cookies Cooling on a Rack
Black Concrete Kitchen Counter
This picture was a mis-fire but I’m including it so you can see my uber-cool concrete counter!
Monster Cookies
I put the M&M’s on Before I baked them. Some people put them on right when they come out of the oven
Parchment Paper Monster Cookie
I wrapped each cookie in a sheet of parchment paper.
Stack of Parchment Wrapped Monster Cookies
I should have counted the Monster cookies…..
Cookie Dough Bowl
Scraped that bowl to the very last scoop.
Packed Monster Cookies
I used the Post Office Boxes to ship the Monster Cookies to Camp.
Monster Cookie
Monster Cookie

Chex Mix isn’t just for Christmas Anymore!

We made some Chex Mix at TheHouseAtTheLake. It is the prefect Summer Snack. Even though the house SMELLS like Christmas, it is an easy snack to make and store, and even nutritious 🙂

Chex Mix in the Summer

You’ll have to go to the store and gather up ingredients. The Cereal (you can also use Crispix), Nuts, Pretzels, and maybe small crackers.
My mom always uses mixed nuts but I like only peanuts and cashews. You’ll also need butter or even coconut oil and the spice mix packet (that I use) or the real spices….Worcestershire Sauce, Garlic Powder and Seasoning Salt. We also use the BIGGEST disposable Foil Pan we can find.

Read the directions on the box. Add what you like. Mix it up. Serve it to your family. Eat it yourself in Bed. Give it Away. But Make It!

Chex Mix