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A Day At The Lake With Alice

We called the Raspberries SNOZberries (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

We made a September weekend trip to the Lake and had a WHOLE day free because the Husker Game didn’t start until 9:30 p.m.!

We called the Raspberries SNOZberries (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
picking raspberries
Alice picked her fair share of Snozzberries
Gettings Garden
We picked Iowa fall raspberries at Gettings Gardens in Sanborn, Iowa. It was a beautiful day.
Taco House
End of season treat at the Taco House
Yelllow Park
Alice named THIS park the Yellow Park
Scream Down Slide
Dan scared Alice as she was coming down the slide!
Crazy Hair Down Slide
I love LOVE this picture of Alice’s hair as she comes down the “twisty slide”
Rock Wall
Alice did a great job climbing the Rock Wall in her Duck boots!
Monkey Bars
Alice has ALWAYS wanted to do the Monkey Bars by herself. Soon, Alice. Soon.
She is just starting to learn how to pump her legs as she swings. For now, she loves ‘UnderDawg Pushes” from Grampa
It is nearing the End of the Season at Okoboji. Our boats are always the last ones to the storage unit and we keep the dock in until the very end.
Boat Ride
Sugar Bear wasn’t as thrilled with the Boat Ride as Alice.
Driving the boat
Alice drove the boat and did a great job!
Cleaning the Ladder
Dan and Matt took out the ladder and Alice helped clean off all the Green East Lake Sludge.
Matt got out a puzzle for Alice to solve. She was up for the challenge.
Vintage Puzzle
Matt showed her some possible solutions on the front of the box. #VintagePuzzle

SEAL The Unspoken Sacrifice

My Matt has wanted to be a Navy SEAL for as long as I can remember. At first, he wanted to be a Power Ranger….then Johnny Quest……then maybe a LEGO guy. He told long, drawn out stories about the adventures of all his “guys” when playing with trucks, cars and action figures. He’s a great storyteller!

Matt Power Ranger

We’ve also been reading all the books we can get our hands on about the SEAL life. We know it is hard. We know it may not be for Matt. We know that he might not even get IN. We know that he might last an hour. We know that he might get hurt. Or killed.

We. Know.

Yet, we Don’t. Really. We don’t know squat.

SEAL The Unspoken Sacrifice

I purchased this book about 5 years ago and every once in a while, we browse thru it. I cannot get thru the whole book in one sitting. I think Matt can. He and his roommate were VERY motivated by this book when they were in Navy ROTC.

Recently, I found out that the book “SEAL The Unspoken Sacrifice”  was going be an exhibit at the Pritzker Military Museum in Chicago.  Author and Photographer Stephanie Freid-Perenchio extended us an invitation to attend the VIP Opening Event.

I made our In-Flight Lunches and we hopped on the plane to Chicago! We booked a room at The Silversmith Hotel and took the Orange Line Train from Midway Airport. It was a fun experience!  The Hotel is 10 steps away from the train stop and the Pritzker Military Museum is a block away from the hotel.

Midway Chicago In Flight Meal

The evening was Just. So. Cool. Just what Matt needed…..Seeing great Navy SEAL photographs, Hearing great Navy SEAL stories, and Meeting some Great Navy SEALS!

Matt and Author Author Signing Book Signing Book IMG_5497_edited-1 Matt MB Stephanie

Author Signe To Matt

Matt SEAL Robert IMG_5507_edited-1 IMG_5520_edited-1 Windows

I loved how the Pritzker Museum made clear “stickers” of a few photos and put them on the windows.SEAL Panel 3 SEAL Panel

These 3 Navy SEALS spoke for over an hour about their experiences.

Matt SEAL exhibit

Swim Buddy Matt SEAL Officer

I would be your Swim Buddy ANY DAY ANY TIME, Matt.
Here. We. Go!

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Home Again Jiggedy Jig!

My boys arrived home from the 2013 Boy Scout National Jamboree. Both Matt and Dan paid to attend as volunteers. Matt spent 3 weeks getting trained on and working the Big Zip Line. Dan was the assistant in one of the Base Camps, Bravo. They both exceeded expectations and worked like….well like Eagle Scouts 🙂

Alice, Megan and I met them at the airport.

Trike at the AirportWe didn’t have to wait long for them to arrive from West Virginia!

Legs Under PlaneNow, they eat, rest and empty these bags of dirt, mold, and memories.

Ospry Bags

MissLongLegs is glad you are home. So am I 🙂

Dan Alice Plane

Kentucky Hot Brown….my version

I made a version of this Kentucky Hot Brown recipe.
I’ve never had a REAL “Hot Brown” but this version looked good. I followed her recipe pretty much but I didn’t add tomatoes and I DID add American Cheese.

KentuckyHotBrown in Pan

My version was small. I used a roll of Pillsbury Seamless Crescent Roll dough and didn’t use all of it in this vintage Pyrex loaf pan. I made rolls out of the extra. I did grease the pan and add parchment paper. (I LOVE using Parchment paper and the King Arthur brand is my favorite.)

Kentucky Hot Brown Ingredients

Ingredients I used are:
1 roll Crescent Dough….half in the bottom of the pan, half over the top. I used more so it would be a “loaf” when done.
Ham….I used real ham and cut it in small pieces
Cheese…..I used Swiss Cheese slices and American Cheese slices
Bacon……I used my favorite Farmland
2-3 eggs, scrambled
The recipe called for turkey and tomato, which sounds so delicious. I didn’t have either so I just left them out.

Layer Crescent Dough, Ham, Bacon, Cheese, 1/2 egg mixture, Ham, Bacon, Cheese, Crescent Roll, Rest of the Egg over the top.
Bake in a 350* oven 15-20 minutes covered with foil and 15-20 minutes uncovered. Let rest 10 minutes before cutting into it.


It was delicious! Smelled great, too. I think this would make a great Brunch item. We’ll try it at The House At The Lake some weekend. Even Matt loved it! I can see how you can use leftover meats, cheeses and vegetables in this to change it up. Yum!
Thanks EatAtHomeCooks for the recipe!