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Jeff and I are in the Kidney Stone Club now!

I’ve been a fan of Amazon.com since the BEGINNING! I shopped there so much at first that they sent me a coffee mug!
Back then….it was just books. Now…it is anything you want. Heck, I even have an Amazon Shop!
I love Jeff Bezos.
Having said that….Jeff, I feel your pain!!!!

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, speaks during a press conference in this Sept. 6, 2012 file photo in Santa Monica, Calif.

JOE KLAMAR / AFP – Getty Images file
Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, speaks during a press conference in this Sept. 6, 2012 file photo in Santa Monica, Calif.

Amazon.com founder and new Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos was flown from the Galápagos by an Ecuadorian Navy helicopter after suffering a kidney stone attack on New Year’s Day, according to a summary of reports from local newspapers.

The Galápagos Digital website said local media reported Bezos was flown from Academy Bay in Santa Cruz Island, where he was aboard a cruise ship, to his private jet on Baltra Island. He was then taken to the U.S. for emergency treatment.

The website’s summary was written by retired NBC News correspondent George Lewis.

When reached for comment via email by Drew Herdener, vice president of public relations with Amazon.com, Bezos replied: “Galapagos: five stars. Kidney stones: zero stars.”

Herdener added, “No surgery was required, and he’s feeling well.”

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Who Cut the Pineapple?

I buy a LOT of fruit…..especially when Alice comes to GrammaCamp. That girl can eat a whole container of raspberries! She loves every fruit, and I try to get Fresh whenever possible……instead of canned, which is fine, too.

Buying a cut-up Fresh Pineapple at Hy-Vee is convenient, but expensive. So I buy a fresh one, at half the price, and butcher it myself at home.

Enter the OXO Good Grips Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer. I recently bought one and Matt and I used it on a fresh pineapple. I admit I had to look at the directions but we figured it out easily. Speaking of easy……

Pineapple With OXO Slicer Using OXO  Pineapple Ratchet

I’ll be getting more pineapple and using this tool. Next time, I will cut the pineapple and put it back in the “pineapple shell” for Alice. This time, I stored the slices in one of my Weck Jars. It fit Perfectly. Love storing things in Glass.

Pineapple in Weck Jar

(I bought this OXO Good Grips  Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer on my own.)

RhubarbCran Jam

I like to think up names for my homemade jams like the made-up names for the Pies in the movie Waitress. 

Today’s Jam is RhubarbCran. I used 1/2 fresh and 1/2 frozen Rhubarb, a bag of frozen Cranberries I’ve been saving all winter, and about 4 plums I had on hand.
I also used Pomona’s Pectin, a product that uses less sugar in order to get the Jam to “jell”. I’m all for less sugar…..and with BOTH Rhubarb and Cranberries, you KNOW this one is TART!
Pucker Up!

Rhubarb Cran Jam

I followed the recipe exactly, except for adding the additional plums. This was my first time using this kind of pectin, and it is a whole different method that you have ever seen before. It is neither hard or complicated, just different. Read the directions, study the website, and order the book – Preserving With Pomona’s Pectin.

Stirring Rhubarb Cranberry jam

I mixed it up in my Calphalon Unison Nonstick Dutch Oven and it had to simmer several minutes so the fruit could get soft. I could watch right thru the glass lid! It did not scorch and nothing stuck to the pan.

Rhubarb Cran Jam in WaterBath

Making Jam and Waterbath Canning look complicated, but they are NOT. Clear the Decks in your kitchen, study the recipe several times, and have everything ready…and you’ll do fine!

Rhubarb Cran Jam on English Muffin

This jam was Tart and tasted like Rhubarb with a slight cranberry hint. I loved it!

Waitress (film)
Waitress (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Improving the Avocado Experience

I should have known OXO would know better than I. I have trusted OXO for 20 years to make tools that are not only Universal, but Safe, Easy-To-Use and Convenient. There are so many tools I don’t yet have, but the OXO GoodGrips Avocado 3 in 1 Slicer was NOT one of the tools I thought I needed. When I tried one for the FIRST time, I knew it would have a place in the front of my Utensil Drawer.

Normally, I use a large knife to slice open an Avocado and then Jab that Large Knife into the Pit, twist, and then pull the pit off the knife with my hands or bang it on the garbage can. Safe. Especially for Me, The Kitchen Klutz.


Now, I can use the Oxo tool to Open, Pit and Remove the Avocado.



The main reason I would use this tool is to make Mashed Avocado on Toast. 😉


I received a free OXO Good Grips Avocado Slicer at a Blogger event, Eat Write Retreat. I will buy another one for TheHouseAtTheLake….YES. I liked it THAT much.