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The Ring

Today is my 28th Wedding Anniversary.  I’ve worn this ring for 28 and a half years. This was the First ring we saw. I liked it immediately. But, I’m a shopper…..and I wanted to see what else was out there. But we came back to this one.

The Ring

Dan paid on it for several months.

I was almost unable to function, I spent so much time LOOKING at it! The diamond was so BIG and SPARKLY. The Emeralds were so UNIQUE and LARGE. It made me catch my breath when I would see it out of the corner of my eye. That Diamond was so full of promise  and dreams and who knew what!

Blink. Fast Forward 28 years. Blink.
I had lost one of the emeralds. It needed to be fixed.
But I put off taking it to Borsheim’s because I didn’t want to be apart from it. Even though I wasn’t wearing it (so as not to ruin the open setting) I HAD it with me.

Eventually, Dan and I took it in to be repaired. I listened as the woman behind the counter told me ALL THE THINGS WRONG with my RING.
“This is WORN OUT and that is BROKEN and over here is DAMAGED and that there is ALMOST GONE”.
I grew dizzy and sweaty and emotional. I told her I’d think about the repairs. I put the ring back in the little baggie and back in my coin purse. I quickly walked out of Borsheim’s.

It really bothered me. Those things she said about my ring.
My LARGE and SHINY and UNIQUE ring that I’ve worn for 28 and a half years.

What I HEARD was that my LIFE and MARRIAGE was broken and worn out and damaged and almost gone.
She was talking about the RING. I heard her criticize my LIFE!
None of it was true. It was just the ring.

Eventually, I took the ring back to be repaired. I picked it up a few days ago and excitedly put it back on. It was Sparkly and the Emeralds were fixed. It made my heart skip a beat.

The funny thing was…..that Diamond seemed smaller.
28 and a half years of LIFE had happened to that ring.
28 and a half years of dreams come true and wishes that happened and problems that were solved and children and dinners and laundry and living had changed that ring.
My sweet husband and our 2 children and 2 dogs and 4 houses and 6 cars and 50 trips and 2 surgeries and 9700 dinners and 16 years of school & homework & carpool and 3 fights and job changes and a million kisses and hugs had been wrung out of that ring.  My little diamond ring with 2 emeralds. The first one we saw at the first store we shopped.

28 years

Dan and I have made a great family and we have given each other a great life. He is truly my partner. This man who chose me has made every one of my dreams come true. He really has.

I hope in the NEXT 28 years, my shiny diamond almost disappears! Because that will mean we have squeezed all we could out of this life we have made!

Alcan Highway – June 20, 1955 (58 years ago today)

Fairbanks, Alaska 
June 20, 1955
Dear Sweetheart:
    Slept late again today but then we have just about seen everything here.  We plan to leave real early in the morning and hope to get to Whitehorse tomorrow night, at least we can be sure of getting a bath there.  Went out to the University and went to their museum which was a good one for it’s size and location.  Then over to the airport again but this time we watched planes land and take off — we talked to people – an airport cop.  Had a cup of coffee and Bob talked with the weather man.  We will be going down to eat supper soon as its six and then I’m going to call you.
    The wind has changed and Dad now says we won’t go to Whitehorse so no bath for a few nights yet but then I’m not dirty anyway.  This morning we went out and took some more pictures of gold mining and Bob still has to take some pictures of the Fairbanks fire hydrants.
    Just got back from talking with you from eating and taking pictures of fire hydrants and log cabins.  Filled the car up with gas so will be ready to go in the morning.
    Sure got a big kick out of talking with you — that is the longest distance that you will probably ever talk with me.
    Just think here I am eating and two girls come up and say, “Hello Mr. Hunt”, you could have knocked me over with a feather.  Anyway this is one hell of a long ways from home to see someone from home.
    Bob just said that it feels good to be starting home and I feel the same way and after Dad talked to mother — he said it sure was good to talk to his little sweetheart.
    Guess that’s about all so I will go mail this.
And that, my friends, ends our saga.  That is the last letter from the series (at least the last that we have).  Thanks for your positive feedback and I’m glad you enjoyed the trip!
Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955

Alcan Highway – June 19, 1955 (58 years ago today)

Fairbanks, Alaska 
June 19, 1955
Dear Sweetheart:
    Well about 2:00 P.M. we started back home, at least that is when we left Circle after seeing the town and the Yukon River.  That is as far north as you can go by road.  It’s about time we are going anyway because a little Indian girl that filled up our car in Circle Hot Springs sure looked cute.  In Circle we went to a trading post and there was a car from Benkelman, Nebr.  The fellow that runs the place had just come up from there.  We took a few movies on the way back to Fairbanks but it was raining the last half of the trip.  When we got back we got in a nice motel.  Army barracks made over — but no bath but we were glad to get it as it was the last room they had.
    We went down and ate at a restaurant where Dad and Mother ate when they were up here.  Then I saw a place where I could call you and went in to call — 9 PM here 1 AM there but they said it would be a 3 to 6 hour delay so I said I’d call at 7 PM tomorrow so I hope I get you.  Still raining so we drove out to the university — Farthest North in the world, just drove around as it was around 10 or 11 but looked everything over — plan to go to see the place tomorrow.  We then went out to the airport but Dad was dead so we came on back home.
    Guess that’s all  Love,
Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955

Alcan Highway – June 18, 1955 (58 years ago today)

Location of Fairbanks, Alaska
Location of Fairbanks, Alaska (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Arctic Circle Hot
Springs [http://goo.gl/maps/Wp0aC]
June 18,
woke up about 4 and I knew we wanted to get an early start so I got up and
shaved and was all dressed and packing the car when Dad got up.  After
pulling Bob from bed we got away around 6:00 from Anchorage.  We went over
a different road part of the way missing Tok Junction and pulled into Fairbanks
around 4 o’clock.  There wasn’t a motel, hotel, or room that wasn’t
taken.  They have two big air bases at Fairbanks and I guess all the
fellows must come in on Saturday night and get a room.  Anyway we wanted to
come on up here which is the most northern point in North America where a
highway goes — so we drove another 150 miles.  We got a room here and E.C.
got a room with bath but Bob and I didn’t.  When we filled up the tank with
gas at Fairbanks Dad wanted Bob to go over to a fellow and see if we could put a
tent up in his yard.  Dad was serious and when I got back in the car Bob
told me and we decided that we would put the tent up here if we couldn’t get a
place.  At this point from a low mountain you can see the sun dip down on
the horizon and then it climbs back up in the sky so it never sets — now that
is around June 19-20-21 but it is cloudy tonight so Bob won’t get any pictures
of it.  Even with it cloudy you can lay in your bed at midnight and read a
    They have hot springs here so they heat the hotel — hot house — two
swimming pools your washing water — everything.
    We saw a lot of gold digging coming up here.
    I’ll mail this from Circle so it should be later than my next
letter.  Love,

For information on
Arctic Circle Hot Springs
Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955

Alcan Highway – June 17, 1955 (58 years ago today)

June 17, 1955
Dear Honey:
    Today we slept a little longer, had breakfast — ham & 2 eggs $1.90.  Went over and picked up this weather man and then on to the telephone office.  The company here is owned by the City of Anchorage.  They have a nice plant here but are really bothered by growing pains.  Went down and picked up the new tire and then decided to put two more on so now we have 4 new tires and 5 new tubes.
    We walked up and down the business district and then drove down to the docks.  We saw them unloading barges and putting the stuff in trucks.  I talked to some of the dock hands and they were very friendly.  I saw an old freighter that had broken in two — the back end that has all the engines and motors were O.K. and the city of Anchorage had used it for some time to produce its electric power.  Went over to a fishery but they were not canning as they were out fishing today.  Due to the shortage of fish they go out two days a week so they can tomorrow but we will leave early in the morning for Fairbanks.
    It is now 5:30 P.M. and Bob has just taken an Enama [sic] <- hope you can make that out — it’s the first for anybody — but then Dad has his milk of something and you know me — I told Dad it was all in your diet and if you eat the proper foods you don’t get that way.  You should have heard him talk then.  Bob and I tease Dad every now and then — for instance — we saw a lake and said there should be good fishing in it — Dad said it wasn’t deep enough for thick ice and there couldn’t be any fish in it so now if it is a small stream or lake we say, well we just know there couldn’t be any fish in it.
    We just came back from taking the Jefferson’s out to dinner — had a good meal but first we had a drink in their home which was very nice.  They have a fine view overlooking the bay.  After eating we went out to a big airport and looked over the Weather Bureau and Dad was surprised to see so much equipment — Guess he always just figured that some fellow looked at the sky and said I guess it is going to be cloudy and colder tomorrow.
    We had planned to drive to Fairbanks tomorrow but on the way back to the motel Dad started worrying if we could get a place there.  Then he decided that with Saturday night we just couldn’t so I don’t know where we will be tomorrow night.
    Bob said he had never tried out the tent and this would be a good time to so Dad went to bed.
    Tell Butch and the dogs hello.
Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955Letter sent from my husband's grandfather to his wife from Alaska in 1955

Alcan Highway – June 16, 1955 (58 years ago today)

Alaska [http://goo.gl/maps/70whD]
June 16,
    Left Palmer about 7:30 this morning and drove on down here and
checked into this place this morning.  We had a flat which I told you about
last night so we went to a good service station but we looked all over town for
a Goodrich dealer and couldn’t find one — I had Bob go in and mail your letter
and did I feel good to find one from you.  I really enjoyed it and so did
Dad and Bob.  The tire was not too good so we bought a new tire (Nylon) and
tube which made four new tubes.  We then had the car greased and while it
was up on the hoist I looked over the tires and found a nail in one — we pulled
it out and out came air so we bought another tube and now Dad doesn’t have any
more special tubes.  We drove around town a little and I took Bob down to
the Y.M.C.A where the Rotary Club meets and he had dinner
    After dinner we went on down to Seward. On the way down we drove off
of the road 7 miles to see Portage Glacier which was surely large, Bob and I
like it but Dad has seen bigger ones so wasn’t too impressed.  On the way
on down to Seward we saw a moose close to the road so Bob — we hope — got some
good pictures, the moose just stood there so I went out and threw some stones at
it to make it move.  Then on down to Seward — we went through more
beautiful mountains and finely hit Seward only to find it just like Valdez which
is just more shacks and dust.  I couldn’t find my lighter and I figured it
was where we saw the moose so on the way back, about 50 miles we stopped an I
walked over and picked it up.  It was getting close to supper time in
Seward so we looked for a place to eat but nothing looked good so we started out
for here.  Went into a place along the road to eat and all hell broke loose
when we went in.  The lady said she had just opened up the cafe a couple of
weeks before but had planned before to have a pet shop.  A bull dog barked
a couple of caic[?] — (dogs like our neighbor in Grant had) barked.  A
parrot the size of a goose started making a noise and another talking bird was
talking — anyway we got hamburgers and left but first we changed another flat
— this was caused by a break in the casing so back to our good service station
and we will pick up a good tire tomorrow.
    Dad was still hungry because we hadn’t had enough so we had a bit
here at this motel — they have a nice restaurant.
    Jets fly over all the time as they have a big airfield here so I hope
we can get some sleep.  Dad is already in bed but Bob and I plan to go down
to the Post Office and mail our letter tonight yet.  We don’t want to go
until 1:00 A.M. because the high tide will be in there.  27 feet higher
than it was at 8 P.M.  Just think of the sea going up and down that
much.  We saw it at low tide.  Tomorrow we are going to the telephone
office and then that evening we are going to take this Glen Jefferson and his
wife out to dinner.  Then Saturday we will go to Fairbanks and spend a
couple of days there.
    I plan to call you from there and if I put in my call at 6:00 and it gets to you
by 7:00 + 4 hours change of time you should be home by 10 or
    I haven’t written anybody else so you can tell them all hello for me — after I
write you I’m all written out.
    When we go back we will miss the road north of Edmonton and come down
in to the state of Washington.
    I still miss you a lot.
1955 Letter1955 Letter1955 Letter1955 Letter1955 Letter1955 Letter