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April Afternoon

Sunny Sunday with Alice

Towel Girl with Sprinkler
Sprinkler Run
Sprinkler Scream
Sprinkler Dash
Butterfly Alice
Skipping with Grampa
Wiping it clean
Spraying the table all by myself
Alice’s Net
Bugs and Buddies

Umbrella Sprinklers
Outsmarting the Sprinkler

Home Again Jiggedy Jig!

My boys arrived home from the 2013 Boy Scout National Jamboree. Both Matt and Dan paid to attend as volunteers. Matt spent 3 weeks getting trained on and working the Big Zip Line. Dan was the assistant in one of the Base Camps, Bravo. They both exceeded expectations and worked like….well like Eagle Scouts 🙂

Alice, Megan and I met them at the airport.

Trike at the AirportWe didn’t have to wait long for them to arrive from West Virginia!

Legs Under PlaneNow, they eat, rest and empty these bags of dirt, mold, and memories.

Ospry Bags

MissLongLegs is glad you are home. So am I 🙂

Dan Alice Plane

Who Cut the Pineapple?

I buy a LOT of fruit…..especially when Alice comes to GrammaCamp. That girl can eat a whole container of raspberries! She loves every fruit, and I try to get Fresh whenever possible……instead of canned, which is fine, too.

Buying a cut-up Fresh Pineapple at Hy-Vee is convenient, but expensive. So I buy a fresh one, at half the price, and butcher it myself at home.

Enter the OXO Good Grips Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer. I recently bought one and Matt and I used it on a fresh pineapple. I admit I had to look at the directions but we figured it out easily. Speaking of easy……

Pineapple With OXO Slicer Using OXO  Pineapple Ratchet

I’ll be getting more pineapple and using this tool. Next time, I will cut the pineapple and put it back in the “pineapple shell” for Alice. This time, I stored the slices in one of my Weck Jars. It fit Perfectly. Love storing things in Glass.

Pineapple in Weck Jar

(I bought this OXO Good Grips  Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer on my own.)

Alice Cookies

In THIS Gramma’s House, there are ALWAYS cookies in the cookie jar. Homemade or StoreBought, we’ve got cookies. Lately, they are called “Alice Cookies” in honor of our granddaughter. I got an assignment for the EatWriteRetreat workshop I’m attending next week to make a batch of cookies with Monk Fruit In The Raw Sugar……and I knew it would be fun!Image

We were sent a recipe to make roll out sugar cookies…..and it mixed up in a breeze. The recipe used 1/2 regular sugar and 1/2 of the new sugar from In The Raw made from Monk Fruit. I’ve NEVER baked with anything but regular cane sugar, so I wondered how it would taste! Monk Fruit In The Raw Bakers Bag is an all-natural, zero calorie sugar alternative with a sweet,k clean taste that measures like sugar. Perfect for Grammas AND Alice’s!


It mixed like “regular” cookies except there is one more step when you add the Monk Fruit In The Raw Sugar as a separate step. My super-duper picky daughter didn’t notice ANY difference when she snitched some of the dough. I put the dough in one plastic bag and let it rest in the refrigerator overnight.


Rolling was easy peasy even right from the refrigerator. The dough was really nice and the cookies baked up perfectly. Next up, the frosting!


I’ve been coloring and flavoring frostings with fruit juices lately. This one, I wanted to be light pink (Alice’s Favorite) so I made some strawberry “juice” out of some mashed and sugared strawberries. I used this “juice” as some of the liquid in my cookie frosting.


We aren’t a “cookie frosting” family. We like a simple glaze of Powdered Sugar and a liquid…lemon juice, milk or 1/2 and 1/2, or even water! This one, used Strawberry “juice” and 1/2 and 1/2. I pour in the sugar, add a little liquid, and mix and add liquid until it is exactly how I want it to be.


I pour my frosting into plastic decorator bottles add a tip to the lid if I want, and squeeze a small amount on the cookie and spread with a knife. These, I added a sprinkling of Sanding Sugar for glitter and crunch.


Yes, I made Red Mittens! I also used some delicious Chocolate sprinkles from King Arthur Flour. They are REAL chocolate and look and smell so good on a cookie.


For THIS assignment, we had to make a 4-ish inch cookie and decorate it. I chose to use a round cutter and then an alphabet cutter on the inside to spell A-L-I-C-E, a word Alice knows how to spell and read. While she napped, I decorated with the strawberry icing and the sanding sugar sprinkles. Then I waited for her to wake up!


Alice Approved Cookies. These are keepers!


I am entering to win a prize at the Eat Write Retreat….I’ll let you know how I do!