As my favorite Dad always says, “_________________ do things People Think Just Happen”.

You can fill in the blank….Mothers……Teachers……Politicians…….Chamber Execs…….

The truth is, there are so many people in every single community, doing work behind the scenes that nobody really knows about. They might just see the end result—like a building or an event. Sometimes you don’t know who or what is responsible for a visible change. And, of course, there are many INvisible things that happen in communities, too.

I just came from the Blair Schools Foundation meeting. That group, which numbers about a dozen, raise money for Blair Schools building projects and STEM projects, among other things. Right now, we are finishing raising money to renovate the High School Auditorium.

Dan attended school there and performed in that auditorium.
Dan and I met in that auditorium.
Our daughter performed in that auditorium.
Our son performed in that auditorium.
It means a lot to our family! Dan, Megan, Matt and I have made a donation to the fund. So have pages and pages of other people who feel the same way. Over $360,000 has been raised….person by person…..over the last several years.

So, if you are on a Board, a Committee, a Group or a Volunteer and YOU make things happen, Thank You.
What you do…matters.