This post WAS going to be about Megan’s new Book…..but it changed into a fun adventure for Dan and I. Alice and I went on a hunt for Mom’s Book Fabric BloomsGoof FacePose FacePointing to book Face Pointing to Book

Of course, I wasn’t very happy about the placement of her splendiferous book, so I moved it up a little! See who is looking over her shoulder?

On the bookshelfFront And CenterNear MarthaFront & Center

HiYa Martha. Better keep your eye on Megan Hunt!

my fav magsMy favorite magazines…American Bungalow, Where Women Cook and Where Women Create! Megan has been in Where Women Create.  MY goal is to be in Where Women Cook.
We then went over the “The Room” as Alice called the Children’s Section. Children's Arearuined by commercialism cat pics kid size stools monster bookThis girl LOVES books about Monsters!
We looked at some of the Buddies and she noticed that as FEW of them matched up to books. animal show grumpy cat

matching pidegeonI didn’t realize what she was doing here when she took a Pidgeon and walked away….but she was matching it to a book about the Pidgeon.  Smart Girl, that Alice!
I must get on a Gramma Podium and rant a moment bout the Commercialism in there. It was so unnecessary for the Lego movie poster to even BE in that area of the Beautiful, Gentle artwork on that “stage” area. Let kids get on stage, read a few books, and IMAGINE!!! Megan’s book is available at Barnes & Noble, and on Amazon.