1955 Envelope 1955 letter 1955 letter 1955 letter 1955 letter
Edmonton, Alberta [http://goo.gl/maps/RBIPV]
June 9, 1955
Dear Sweetheart:
    It is now just after nine – 10 your time – and the sun just went down but it will be light for some time yet.
    We are at a nice motel in the south part of town.  We got in here a little before six after traveling around 600 miles.  We HOPE to get to Dawson Creek by tomorrow night and it is only 450 miles but we have heard so many tales about bad roads that we don’t know just when we will get there.  Anyway if we get away from here early say by 5 A.M. we might make it — wait for the next installment and find out.  The mail should be slower from now on as I don’t think it could get out from the smaller places.  After we left Great Falls we found better land and I guess I like Montana better now than I did.  We are all surprised at this city and the good land we came through to get here.  Edmonton is a city of 200,000 and it looks it.  Before we ate we drove around town and looked it over.  They had T.V. at Great Falls also here but it is all canned.  The little radio is sure getting a work out as we have it going from the time we get in the motel until we go to bed.  You know my battery shaver Richard and Hugh gave me.  Well we have had 110 juice at all places but you can hook the shaver up to the 6 volts in the car from the lighter.  Anyway Dad shaves in the morning but he would like to spend an hour at it so now can shave all day long in the car.  You should have seen the look on a flag man’s face when he stuck his head in the car to tell me about the bad road, he looked at Dad who was just sitting there shaving to his heart’s content and the flag man almost forgot what to say — if I just had some tee’s to show him that I rest my balls on.
    I miss you.  Love Emory
From the scanned image you will see that Emory tells us their room for the night was $10.00.  He does not say if that is US$ or CA$.  Assuming US$ that is roughly equivalent to $85.99 US$ in 2013 dollars.  Source: www.dollartimes.com/calculators/inflation.htm