Whitehorse [http://goo.gl/maps/acbpl]
Monday, June 13, 1955
Dear Edna:
    Just got in here around 1:00 P.M.  Bob is sewing up his pants where they split out in the seat and Dad is sitting on the can.  We went down by the Yukon River but the river is so low they have not put any of the boats in as yet.  We saw 4 big boats and it looks like they will be putting only one boat in which is the largest but only carries 50 passengers but it is real plush.  We saw the Casca that the folks were on.  They have a road up to Dawson now so the river boats are just out.  The big boat makes the trip in a week and it costs just $270.00 for a round trip — so we wouldn’t go anyway.
    Our time here is 3 hours behind your time now and we will set our watches back another hour when we get in Alaska.  The dust is still bad but I guess when we get to Alaska we will run into some black top.
    We went to a place here and saw some rapids on the Yukon also to a place where the river is very narrow called Miles Canyon.  We drove all over town and most of all of the houses are dumps.  In the Alaska picture that mother bought they show a house that is three floors that they call a heat saver — well there is just one here and we saw it.  We also saw the narrow gage railroad engine and all.
    I went into a jewelry store and Bob got a cheap band for his watch as his broke.  I looked around and found some nice earrings and I figured – now I can get Edna, Erna, & Winnie some earrings, they were called Black Alaska Diamonds and after I found out the price you would think they were Diamonds — around 50.00.  Dad said they would be cheaper in Alaska but I doubt it.  Anyway I’m still looking.
    When we leave in the morning we will take some pictures of Indian Graves and then onto Tok-Junction I hope but it won’t be easy.
    It’s now 8:40.  Last night it was 10:40 so after I go to the post office with this I’m going to bed.
    Hope the air condition is working OK in car and home.
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