I won a great prize from Rachel from University Foodie

Packaged Prize

The prize package was a Travel Wallet from Reed Leather Goods, a Jetsetter Journal from 2 Bee Press, and Motion Sickness Anti-Nausea Bracelets from Rebecca Swan Creations.

Prize Package

This is a generous prize and I was so happy to find Rachel on the internet and follow her! What she doesn’t know is JUST how Appropriate this prize IS for me!

My husband is a private pilot and we frequently travel in his plane. I’m a journal-er and a scrapbook-er and a blogg-er. I like writing stuff down. And I’m always ALWAYS wearing motion sickness bracelets and downing Dramamine on our flights. I’m a nauseaus person…….it isn’t his flying technique 🙂

Accupressure Bracelet AirPlane Moleskin Passport Case

Thank you so much for this, Rachel. It was a pleasure to receive, open, and soon use these prizes. I love them.
Best of luck to you!