Spent the afternoon watching Gerald R. Ford’s funeral.
The former congressman turned vice-president turned president.
Can you imAGine the phone call to his wife that day?
"Honey, what do you think about me being the vice-president?"

The funeral today was the family funeral. The wife, the children, the grandchildren.
I talk about funerals alot.
But I am emotional about funerals. I shed a few tears today, for that family.
Donald Rumsfeld spoke. And President Carter.
But it was still their dad.

People stood in lines to file past his casket in California…and Washington, DC, and Grand Rapids, Michigan.
And when the motorcade with his casket drove through towns, people lined the roads in respect. Because he was a President. And I saw a troop of Boy Scouts salute. And there were also some Girl Scouts, in uniform, standing at attention. And men with their hats removed.

(photo from USAToday and used without permission)

And I am emotional, seeing this respect.
Because it is not something the media shows us. And we forget about it. And it disappears.
But, it is refreshing to see.