I love the word Smattering.

Here’s a face only a mother could love! Scout is a mix of Retriever, Springer and Black Lab.
Yes, that’s three things. But that’s what she is!
And she doesn’t like water!
But this past weekend at the lake, we took her slowly in, and she eventualy went after her ball in water deeper than she is. She did good.


Dan with Matt working on mapping their trip home a few weekends ago. They were flying in the Cessna, which they actually have to "steer"! Matt has started flying lessons, and he’s loving it. I’m glad they have something they can share for the rest of their lives.


Megan has started Scrapbooking! She’s made a few layouts and she’s having such a great time. It’s her "summer vacation" this week, as she’s done with work and waiting for school to start. She’ll be a junior. I hope it will be a good year for her. She really helped us out this summer, and we appreciate it.
And Me?


I’m just liking my Bob Burger!!!