The Lottery
340 Million
What would you do?
What COULD you do!

I already know what I would do if I won that money tonight!
I’d build a Fine Arts Center in Blair. BIGGER and BETTER than the art-less Y.
It would be privately owned and managed.
It would be a place for parties and meetings and drama are art and messiness and fun.
I see a theater for Children’s plays and music and community drama.
I see an art area for learning and growing and reaching.
I see a part for meetings and parties…with a kitchen big enough for classes.

I would take some trips WITH my friends.
We’d go to New York City and see plays and eat wonderful food.
We’d go to Las Vegas and see Barry Manilow’s show.

I’d share it with my family.
And watch what THEY do with a little money to fufill THEIR dreams.

I’d give some to friends. To free up their minds from bills…if not just for a few months.

I don’t think I’d move.
But I might buy a summer home at Okoboji!
And I’d get a better car.
And I’d hire some help!!!

What a dream.