Before I was Awake

My dad snapped a quick picture of the completely still Lake outside out house. East Lake looked like Italy to us. Calm, still, Rested


Summer Soup With Chicken

I’m late to the table with some vegetables (like Bok Choy and Kale). My Farmer, Danelle, has quietly been the Veggie Pusher for a few seasons now. I bought some Bok Choy a few days ago, thinking I would stir fry it. But I wasn’t in the mood. I wanted some calming soup! My recipe is…


The Pritzker Interior

I must admit, after standing IN the Pritzker Military Museum and Library, I was starting to feel my blood pressure rise because I LOVED HOW IT LOOKED!!! Follow this link to see a few pro-photos of the place.  One Librarian there told me that Frank Lloyd Wright once lived in and worked at that building.…


SEAL The Unspoken Sacrifice

My Matt has wanted to be a Navy SEAL for as long as I can remember. At first, he wanted to be a Power Ranger….then Johnny Quest……then maybe a LEGO guy. He told long, drawn out stories about the adventures of all his “guys” when playing with trucks, cars and action figures. He’s a great…


Alice At The Bookstore

This post WAS going to be about Megan’s new Book…..but it changed into a fun adventure for Dan and I. Alice and I went on a hunt for Mom’s Book Fabric Blooms Of course, I wasn’t very happy about the placement of her splendiferous book, so I moved it up a little! See who is…



Hello to those stopping by via the article in the Blair Enterprise! I blog mostly for myself and my family. I look at my blog…RedMittens…as more of a personal journal. Many people have blogs that started out this way and they turned it into a business! Someday I might do that, but for now, this…