Wednesday’s Martha Stewart show was mostly about felt. I was interested in this because Megan uses wool felt in her beautiful flowers. While she doesn’t Felt her own Wool, we both love felt and all things Felted.
Megan gets her wool felt from Prairie Point Junction, right here in Nebraska.
But is sure would be fun to go all the way to NEW YORK CEETY to see the new exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York City.


I love fabric.
I have collected beautiful fabrics for many years, hoping to cut them apart and sew them back together as a quilt. I love quilt-art that is multi textured with layers of fabric, beads, stitching and batting.  I love looking at them and thinking about them. But I don’t make them because they don’t end up looking like they do in my mind.

I love concrete.
I notice the differences in sidewalks and roads and now inside stores, restaurants and even homes that have concrete. I have concrete counters here in my home and am happier with them every day.

I love felt.
Not fake felt from TheWalMarts. Real Felt. Felted Wool.
Making felt is very mysterious to me. I don’t know how it is done or what tools to use. I don’t raise sheep nor do I want to.
I love the deep colors and the simple patterns and the soft feel.

I love the Internet.
I love how “pretend” friends can become “real” friends. I love how I can “attend” a museum exhibit right here in my jammies. I love how art is shared this way, not locked up behind stone walls. I love reading more and more and more about things I love.

This blog shows how they make a felted rug in Turkemnistan. Those artists have to do EVERYTHING when making something. No internet ordering in the middle of the night for them! No running down to the local Michaels with a coupon in hand.

One video that was shown on Martha’s show was about an artist named Janice Arnold who is building a Felt Yurt for the exhibit.
This blog post shows her sketches and thinking process, which is always interesting to see.
Here are some photos from the instillation of the Felt Yurt.

If you can’t get to the exhibit, you can always purchase this book from the museum.

I love moving from link to link, tab to tab on my computer. What a lovely way to spend an evening….looking at beautiful art.

Oh man. I gotta go see this exhibit.

I hope that puts a link to the video they produced for the show today. Martha seemed irritated with the felt ladies but the video was really good, explaining the exhibit and the yurt.
I’ll check back in a day or so to see if they have it on their site.